Why Real Hardwood?

Why Hardwood?

Why Real Hardwood?

There have never been more options to choose from to adorn homes with exotic or high-tech flooring when building or remodeling.  The number of materials, composites, patterns, and installations available at widely diverging price points can make it overwhelming to select the best flooring for your space. 

However, there is one flooring choice that has been desired above all others for over a century.  Real hardwood flooring is set apart from all the rest by its look, feel, durability, health benefits, environmental friendliness, versatility, and return on investment. 


There’s no denying the overarching visual appeal associated with hardwood flooring.  Just consider how many other products throughout the years have attempted to replicate the beauty and warmth of real hardwood flooring.  No matter the budget, space, or other considerations that a person has in selecting their flooring material, it’s obvious that people prefer the look of hardwood.

It is impossible to perfectly duplicate all the character and comfort that real hardwood flooring provides.  The rich tones that the natural wood fibers provide can’t be replicated—even high-resolution photographic reproductions can’t recreate the texture and depth of the real thing.  From warm tones, deep natural fluctuations in color, and varying grain patterns that provide interest to a room’s décor, hardwood floors are the foundation for an inviting and attractive space.

Read more to explore which hardwood flooring style fits your aesthetic.


There is nothing that beats the feeling of hardwood floors.  Even the best wood floor imitators can’t capture the warm, yet solid feel of hardwood floors.  As soon as you set foot on a manmade product masquerading as hardwood flooring, you know the difference.  

It starts with the sound.  Manmade wood-flooring replicas often sound dead, with a hollow “thud” that can’t replace the sound of walking across real hardwood flooring.  There’s a reason that guitars, pianos, violins, and other handcrafted musical instruments are still made from wood – it’s a musical material!

Walking across a hardwood floor in bare feet is also more pleasant than walking across other hard surface flooring materials such as tile or stone, which can often feel uncomfortable or cold to unpadded feet.  Consider that, for years, the kitchen has been thought to be a “no go” for hardwood flooring due to concerns with water and durability.  However, a growing number of builders and homeowners are now placing hardwood flooring in the kitchen.  Why? Because it is the most heavily trafficked room in the house, and people love the feel of standing on hardwood.

With newer constructions and finishes, hardwood flooring is a perfect choice for the kitchen—and will add the welcoming feel that homeowners want for the most social room in the modern house.

Learn more about which hardwood flooring construction is right for you.


Durability is a huge consideration when shopping for the right flooring material.  After all, flooring gets more abuse than any other part of a space.  It’s also the area where many other materials claim to be superior to hardwood flooring.

Is hardwood flooring less durable than other look-alike alternatives?  Hardwood flooring is a resilient material that benefits from the natural characteristics of wood.  Tile, carpet, and vinyl usually need to be replaced every 10 years or so to deal with the wear that has accumulated, whether that be from cracks caused by dropping heavy objects, stains that won’t come out, or scrapes and scratches in a material that can’t be refinished.  

Hardwood floors benefit from durable finishes and a natural material that can be sanded and refinished to refresh the look of your space.  Small dents can even be repaired by applying steam to the affect spot, allowing the wood fibers to expand back to their original shape.  These characteristics allow hardwood floors to last for the life of your home – and you’ll want them to!  Unlike shag carpet, red linoleum, and other trendy floorings, hardwood floors offer timeless value and style.

Read more about hardwood care and maintenance.

Good for Your Health and the Environment

Hardwood flooring is desirable because of its health benefits: it’s easy to clean, it doesn’t trap dust and other allergens, and it is a natural material that will not release toxic fumes into your home.  Some uncertified imitation hardwood floors use artificial chemical compounds that can introduce unwelcome fumes into your home through a process called off-gassing.  As the artificial products break down, they can release noxious fumes that are not good for you or your family’s health.

Hardwood floors are made of natural, organic materials that trap carbon and will biodegrade at the end of their extensive lifespan.  Unlike other flooring that needs to be replaced every few years, hardwood flooring will not end up sitting forever in a landfill.  All our lumber is sustainably harvested in the Appalachian Mountains, and we work with local and national organizations to ensure that our forests are protected for future generations.

Read more about Mullican’s commitment to your health and safety.


Hardwood flooring comes in different species, colors, widths, finishes, and installation styles, providing you with the perfect hardwood flooring to fit your space and décor.  Unlike other flooring materials, hardwood flooring can be refinished to update the style of a room, up to 10 times depending on the flooring and refinishing process.  Hardwood flooring is completely unique as a flooring option in this way—as other materials are not designed for refinishing, just a little sanding and refinishing and you can have a completely new look for your space.  

Read more about the different hardwood species.

Return on Investment

No other existing flooring has a better return on investment than hardwood flooring.  Home buyers are willing to pay more for a house with hardwood floors and covet hardwood more than any other flooring.  Even for those looking to renovate and update older homes, it is always a wonderful surprise to find original hardwood hiding beneath dingy carpets.

If you, like the majority of modern homebuyers, are likely to be selling your home within ten to twenty years, installing real hardwood flooring invests directly in that sale—with the added benefit that you get to enjoy the beauty and durability of hardwood floors while you live there.  You can’t go wrong with hardwood flooring, and potential buyers will increase their estimation of the quality of your home when they see hardwood floors.  

Read more about investing in hardwood flooring, or explore The Homeowner’s Handbook to Real Wood Floors.

If you want more information about the quality, options, and benefits of real hardwood flooring please contact Mullican Flooring or any of our retail partners.  Mullican Flooring is a leading manufacturer of hardwood flooring, and we source all our lumber within the United States of America using industry-leading sustainability practices.  We are confident that we can help you find the right hardwood flooring to match your décor and budget that will give you a lifetime of beauty and style within your home.

For more information, contact us directly or visit our “where to buy” page. 

Bring beauty into your space.

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