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Oak Species

Harvested from the Appalachian Mountains, Mullican Flooring’s Oak species collections exhibit natural color variations, mineral streaks, and small knots that add character to any room.

A high-quality and durable hardwood species, Oak exudes a warm, rustic feeling and shows a discernable grain.  Oak offers greater resistance to visible indentations, making it a good selection for high-traffic areas or active spaces.

Our prefinished and unfinished selections of high-quality solid Oak hardwood are available in several grades and widths and include both Red Oak and White Oak flooring.

Red Oak vs. White Oak Hardwood Flooring

Did you know that you can identify Red Oak and White Oak trees by their bark characteristics and leaves?  Red Oak trees tend to have smoother bark and pointed tips on the end of their leaves, while White Oak has deeper grooves in its bark and rounded tips at the end of its leaves.  The differences between the two kinds of Oak don’t stop there—they can affect the appearance of your hardwood floors.

The primary differences between Red Oak hardwood flooring and White Oak hardwood flooring can be found within the color, graining, and water resistance of the species.

Red Oak has a subtle, pink-like tint that is lighter than White Oak and that develops into warmer red tones with a natural finish.  White Oak tends to have a darker, yellow-like to gray tint that can be complemented with a variety of stains.  As they each begin as two different colors, Red Oak and White Oak absorb stains differently.  With lighter stains, it is easier to see the difference between the red undertones of Red Oak and the yellow undertones of White Oak.  Darker stains decrease the difference between the two colors.

With regard to graining, Red Oak has more prominent grain patterns than White Oak hardwood, but White Oak has more mineral streaks and a smoother look.  The tighter grain pattern of White Oak makes it slightly more water resistant than Red Oak.

Crafted from the highest-quality and selection of Oak hardwoods, Mullican offers a variety of prefinished solid, prefinished engineered, and unfinished Oak hardwood selections for a beautifully designed space.  From traditional, smooth finishes to contemporary, hand-crafted textures and wider planks, Mullican can provide the right Oak flooring for you.

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