Natural Wood in Nordic Design

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Natural Wood in Nordic Design

The variable weather conditions and long winters of Scandinavia have inspired design choices that maximize functionality and coziness, as well as the impact of natural lighting.  The highlight of this décor is the natural wood flooring that brings the outdoors in, reflects light, and provides a simple yet solid foundation for the living space.

Here are a few principles of Nordic design that have inspired us to create beautiful, natural hardwood flooring for your home:

Lighter Colors

Lighter colors reflect natural light, making small spaces feel bigger.  Pale whites, greys, tans, and other colors transform with changes in lighting to create bright, happy spaces or muted, tranquil ones.  Whatever the weather outside, these brighter finishes create a pleasant, cozy home.


Hygge is the Danish word for coziness and comfort.  In the harsh winters, the home should be a safe, warm retreat.  Hygge is achieved by including a variety of natural textures in the home—from sheepskin blankets to hand-knit woolen sweaters to soft leather surfaces.  Handcrafted, functional items such as pottery, baskets, and rugs are especially important for achieving that cozy feeling.

Functional Simplicity

For people living in small spaces, combining functionality with beauty is a must.  Nordic design does away with visual clutter to highlight a few, beautiful and multi-functional items that will each be used and appreciated.  This lends to a calm and serene aesthetic that is grounded in the natural rhythms and rituals of daily life.


Because the winter often means that there will be more time spent inside, it is important to bring nature into the home.  Nordic design blends interior and exterior through natural hardwood furniture and flooring, other natural textures in accessories and finishes, and the calming greenery of living houseplants.  No matter the time of year, the inside of the home is a beautiful retreat.


Nordic design emphasizes not only the beauty of nature but also the importance of taking care of our natural world.  Efficient, ecologically friendly construction is the norm in Scandinavian countries, and the materials used inside the home should be equally sustainable.  All our hardwood flooring is sustainably harvested and manufactured to honor the natural environment.

Our new Nordic Naturals collection is inspired by northern landscapes and the principles of Nordic design.  To bring the beauty of natural simplicity into your home, shop Nordic Naturals.

Bring beauty into your space.

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