Unfinished Engineered – Unfinished | 21489

Width: 7" Thickness: 5/8"

Unfinished hardwood flooring allows for maximum customization. Choose your own finish to complete the installation of these quality wide plank hardwood floors on site. This cathedral sawn premium engineered flooring features three distinct grain patterns across each plank, from the wide grain found at the center to the tighter grains near the edges. White oak provides subtle tan and yellow undertones that complement a wide variety of finishes, and character grade flooring highlights natural wood characteristics such as knots and mineral streaks. This engineered flooring is made from layers of sustainably harvested Appalachian lumber, bonded together in a stable cross-ply configuration. It is an excellent choice for any grade, especially for areas of the house that have greater moisture variation, such as the basement and the kitchen. All our unfinished engineered products are NWFA Certified Refinishable.

Color: Unfinished

Width 7"

Collection Unfinished Engineered
Construction Unfinished White Oak Character Grade Hardwood
Species White Oak
Color Unfinished
Texture Smooth
Finish No finish
Edge Square edge / square end
Janka Rating 1360
Origin USA
Width 7"
Length Random board lengths up to seven feet
Thickness 5/8"
Finish Warranty No warranty
Wear Layer Thickness 4.0 mm

Skill Level

Level Two

Installation experience

We always recommend professional installation. If you're planning to install these floors yourself, be sure to thoroughly review your installation instructions. Find a professional installer in your area by visiting the National Wood Flooring Association.

Where to install this floor

Any grade
Engineered hardwood floors can be installed at any grade level. It's especially ideal for below-grade spaces like basements.

How to install this floor

This installation method involves gluing your new flooring directly to the subfloor using a hardwood flooring adhesive.
Nail-down installation is a method commonly used for solid hardwood floors and follows the same method as staple-down installation, but you use a nail rather than a staple.
Staple-down installation is utilized for prefinished, engineered hardwood flooring using a narrow-crown stapler to fasten your flooring to wood subfloors.

Floor trims & molding

Quarter round
Quarter round molding is used to cover the expansion space near a wall. Quarter round may also be used with a new or existing base molding.
Reducer strip
A reducer strip is used as a transition from one flooring to another of a different height.
Stair nose
Stair nose molding is used as a transition on stair steps and sunken dens.
T–Molding is used as a transition between two hard surface floors of equal height. A t-mold may be used to bridge wood floor and ceramic tile.
Threshold molding is used at raised hearths and exterior doors. A threshold is also used as a transition from wood to carpet.

Bring beauty into your space.

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