The Value of a Warranty


The Value of a Warranty

While your hardwood flooring construction and installation options may be limited by the physical structure of your space, Mullican Flooring provides a wide variety of styles to fit your tastes and preferences.  We can assure you that you will find a timeless and beautiful product that will meet or exceed your expectations for long-lasting wear. 

Our products feature warranties from a 25-year finish warranty to a lifetime finish warranty.  Mullican Flooring warrants that the finish will not wear through to the wood within the amount of time specified in the Finish Warranty Chart or as long as the original purchaser owns the floor, whichever is less.

All our finished products are protected with an aluminum oxide finish, 10 times stronger than traditional urethane finishes.  We test our finishes to make sure they are of the highest quality—each of our products undergoes an abrasion test to ensure that the finish has good scratch resistance and will, with proper care and maintenance, retain its original integrity for the life of the warranty. 

Here is what you need to know about what our warranties do and do not cover before selecting your hardwood flooring:

1. Natural Wood Characteristics

Mullican Flooring warrants that the products have been manufactured in compliance with the grading rules of Mullican Flooring and will be free from manufacturing defects.  Manufacturing defects do not include natural wood characteristics such as mineral streaks, knots, grain variations, normal minor differences between color of samples and the color of installed floors, color variations from board to board, or minor width variation.

When installing your floors, we recommend pulling boards from several different cases to get a good mix of colors and natural wood features.

2. Natural Expansion/Contraction and Moisture-Related Issues

Too much moisture causes hardwood floors to expand, and too little causes hardwood floors to contract.  While hardwood flooring will naturally expand and contract as the seasons change, moisture extremes can lead to undesirable changes to the floor, such as cupping, buckling, gapping, or cracking.  After your floor is installed, it is critical to maintain a normal temperature between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity between 35-55 percent.

Mullican’s warranties do not cover damage or unsatisfactory performance caused by excessive moisture, including, but not limited to, improper humidity inside the home, excessive ground moisture that migrates into the home for any reason, excessive sub-floor moisture, water leaks caused by broken pipes or appliances, improper cleaning methods such as wet mopping or the use of automated cleaning machines, and weather conditions or natural disasters such as flooding or excessive rainfall. 

Mullican’s warranties do not cover damage or unsatisfactory performance caused by insufficient moisture, including, but not limited to, improper humidity inside the home and excessive direct sun exposure.  Homeowners in excessively dry parts of the country may need to humidify their homes and keep doors and windows closed to maintain appropriate moisture conditions. 

3. Exposure to Sunlight

Some wood species are light sensitive, meaning that the wood exposed to light changes color over time.  Depending on the species, it may take six months to a year for the flooring to reach its full, rich color.  For highly light sensitive species, we recommend that you move furniture around periodically within the first six months to let the floor color even out.

Mullican’s limited warranties do not cover color changes to any flooring which results from exposure to Ultraviolet light.  Normal exposure to light will cause changes in the shading of any wood floor, and this is not considered a defect.

4. Gloss Reduction and Finish

Normal surface wear may cause a reduction in the “glossiness” of hardwood flooring.  While this may be more noticeable with high-gloss flooring or flooring in darker stained colors, it is not considered a manufacturer’s defect.

To maintain the glossy finish on your floors, clean them regularly and avoid oil, soap, or wax-based wood floor cleaning products that can dull the finish.  Keep pets’ nails trimmed, and have guests remove shoes when they enter the home.

5. Improper Installation

It is critical that all installations are done in compliance with the procedures outlined in the Mullican Flooring installation instructions, which can be found in each carton of flooring and on our website.

No damage or defects caused by improper installation or failure to provide a suitable environment are covered by this warranty.  Failure to install your flooring in accordance with the instructions will void all warranties.  If, before installation, you discover any flooring that has obvious defects, please immediately contact the dealer from whom the flooring was purchased, and replacement flooring will be provided at no cost.

6. Improper Use of Flooring/Damages

Our warranties do not cover damage, indentations, scratches, or stains arising from negligence, accidents, abuse, excessive heat, abnormal wear, construction, spike heels, grit, sand or other abrasives, dents, insect infestation after the product has left our factory, or domestic animals.

Mullican Flooring warranties do not cover damage caused by use of the flooring for purposes other than those for which it was designed; damage caused by disasters such as fire, flood, wind, and lightning; damage during shipment; or any other abuse or misuse by the purchaser.

This post is meant to serve as an overview.  Please refer to the full warranty program information or to the individual product brochure for a complete warranty, as exclusions and limitations do apply.

Have a question about any of our warranties?  Contact us.

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